Happy International working Women’s Day

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In the past year,the female employees of Highness company in different jobs,carry forward the spirit of the self-esteem, self-confidece,self-reliance and self-improvement,work side by side with men and sow sweet,for highness made a positive contribution to the development of the company's business. the heroine of the company, they are a beautiful scenery lie of highness company.

March 08,2014, the company in order to let the female have a pleasant and happy holiday, on the morning of the personnel department of highness for our women carefully selected a nice present for half a day and holiday. Let the company's female employees each fully felt the warmth of family and collective harmony working environment. female employees have said: this activity not only let us harvest happy, but also more improved everybody's enthusiasm, source power for more work. In the next year, everybody will continue to carry forward the spirit of "women don't humility a men " , women in the work, based on the post, struggle dedication, to achievement the best and fast development for our company, and make new contributions.