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Augut 2013 morning, all colleagues of highess under the leadership of Mr.Ding,go to Maluanshan and. began a memorable trip. The mountains locals in the east of Shenzhen,the south of Maluanshan is dameisha bech and xiaomeisha beach,the west of Maluanshan is overseas china town. Of coures soft wind and good weather to add a little spirits for this mountaineering. After a long hectic work, a whole day trip to Maluanshan as a reward colleagues also encouraged each other to redouble their efforts to make the future better. Meanwhile this trip also enriched their spate time, enhanced communication and collaboration among colleagues,making highness family be more harmonious and enhance cohesion of our company.

Along the way, song and laughter constantly, everyone is living in harmony with smile and take interaction, highness team has always been shrouded by a harmonious and warm atmosphere. After arriving, it was close to noon, highness colleagues showed off their cooking skills, along with their chat, gradually we can smell the aroma waves meals. Noonmeal that can not be described as a family meal, under a remarkable ability of highess colleagues,the meal appeared fresh and tasty.

After theluanch break,officially it enterd our theme--go climbing. Along the way, we across grassland, andclimbing, through streams, banner was fluttering in the valley. Brave and fearless loving and selfless.We formed a chain with love, Inthe process of climbing, we see that many of my colleagues volunteered to help other colleagues along the way, so that everyone in the team along through difficulties and risks. Highness team was full of love and happiness, twisting roads seemed like the weather and became lovely.

Having experienced many difficulties, we finally arrived at top of Maluanshan, by defeating the tire and overcoming difficulties, stangding on the top of Maluanshan as victor. Ecerything is small when you stand on the top of highest mountain. by virtue of this momentum, highness company bound must have a better future-stand on the top of the world to justify their existence, the power of love and eternity!